Glyphs Mini

The slimmed-down font editor for everyone.

The affordable font editor

Glyphs Mini is a slimmed-down version of Glyphs, the professional font editor for everyone. It’s the affordable solution for casual font design or for drawing a dingbat webfont.

  • Simple and straight-forward user interface
  • Edit glyphs in a word context
  • Advanced vector tools: Fit Curve, Open Corners, Reconnect Nodes, Nudge and many more handy features built-in
  • Live components, anchors and metric syncing
  • Extensive script and language support
  • Smart OpenType features
  • Import of OTF and TTF
  • Drag-and-drop import of SVG pictures
  • Export of OTF and PHF (PhotoFont)

The main differences to the full version:

No layers

Glyphs Mini handles only one layer per glyph. So you cannot use interpolation or set up instances.
There is no layers section in the panel.
It will only show and use the first layer of a Glyphs file.

No scripts or plug-ins

You cannot expand the functionality with third-party plug-ins and scripts.
Therefore Glyphs Mini lacks the Macro window, Filter and Script menus of the full version.

Limited import and export

You can open and save regular Glyphs files, open OTFs and TTFs, and export OTFs and PHFs.
No UFO support.
Drag-and-drop import of EPS only as image.
You can copy and paste from Illustrator.

Limited OpenType feature support

Glyphs Mini will auto-generate small caps, fraction and ligature features. No other features are supported and you can’t add or edit your own features.

No manual hints

Glyphs Mini only supports autohinting at export time.
You cannot set your own hints manually.

Limited non-Latin support

It does not fully support non-Latin scripts like Arabic and Chinese.

AppStore only

Glyphs Mini is available exclusively in the AppStore.

Go pro

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