Getting Started

Learn how to use Glyphs.


This manual gives an overview of the functionality.

Glyphs Handbook

Latest update: May 2013

Handbuch (deutsche Fassung)

Das Handbuch bietet einen Überblick über die Programmfunktionen.

Glyphs-Handbuch (deutsch)

Letztes Update: Juli 2014

Editing Outlines

Editing outlines and creating letterforms in Glyphs is very simple. Learn how by watching this quick video tutorial.

Working with Diacritics

See how to set up accented letters. It’s easy and intuitive.


Learn how to adjust sidebearings in Glyphs and synchronize your spacing across glyphs.


This two-minute video shows you how to add individual kerning as well as group kerning to your font.

Comparing Glyphs

Learn how to create and compare variations of the same glyph side to side.


Easily build a component-based pixelfont in Glyphs. It’s fun!


This quick video shows you the basics of Arabic type design in Glyphs.