The font editor for everyone.

Glyphs’ smart and simple approach helps you draw new typefaces,
modify existing fonts, and sculpt your letterforms hassle-free.

Glyphs Workspace

Built for Creativity

Designed exclusively for everyone, from type geeks to logo nerds.

  • Combined text and drawing views

    Combined text and drawing views

    Draw shapes, modify spacing, adjust kerning, compare font weights and glyph variations — all in the same view mode. See your letterforms as live text before exporting the font.

  • Keep glyph variations

    Keep glyph variations

    Use the Layers palette to compare and keep design variations of the same glyph.

  • Accents simplified

    Accents simplified

    Glyphs takes care of generating accented glyphs for you, giving you more time to add that finishing touch.

  • OpenType’s best friend

    OpenType’s best friend

    Glyphs automatically generates all the basic OpenType features you rely on. Most of the features can be previewed in the edit view.

  • Cheat sheet

    Cheat sheet

    Ever forgot how wide the stems of the “n” or “H” in your typeface are? Now you can take notes alongside your design right in the Dimensions panel. Glyphs makes it easier to keep your typeface consistent.

  • Format-friendly


    Export OpenType fonts (.otf), Unified Font Objects (.ufo) and Photofonts (.phf).

Drawing Tools Built for Type

Let loose, without the constraints of clumsier programs.

  • Reconnect nodes

    Reconnect nodes

    Keep your outline overlaps and let Glyphs do the work of removing them when your OpenType font gets generated.

  • Fully cooperative nodes

    Fully cooperative nodes

    Glyphs has the most advanced node features of any design application, giving you unmatched creative freedom.

  • Complete node control

    Complete node control

    The transform box is your best friend. It gives you total control over nodes, handles and guides.

Multiple Masters for the Pros

Harness the full flexibility of multiple masters.

Compare masters
  • No-brainer interpolation

    You can set up a font with up to four masters. This can be three masters in a row (like Light, Semibold, and Black), in a triangle (Light, Bold, and Condensed) or four in a square (Light, Bold, Light Condensed and Bold Condensed).

  • Master independency

    Masters are not bound to each other. Feel free to make changes to an outline of one master, even delete it, without altering the other masters.

  • Compare masters in a snap

    Easily preview all of your masters side by side with the click of a button. But if you’re really in a hurry, just press Cmd and the number of the master to display it.

Pro Features

Saving you from the more mindless side of font production.

Language Support

  • Language Support
  • Smart glyph names

    Glyphs uses nice, readable names so you never need to remember what uni0410 is again. It just reads A-cy.

  • RTL feature support

    To draw and kern Arabic or Hebrew fonts, take advantage of a robust RTL layout that includes basic shaping. Mark and mark-to-mark features are automatically generated from anchors, too.

  • Easy language support

    No need to deal with encodings. Glyphs lets you select the language you want your font to support and instantly generates the missing glyphs.

Metrics Control

  • Metrics Control
  • Components keep metrics

    The metrics of compound glyphs are linked to their base glyphs, giving you spacing that’s always correct. Accents are also automatically placed according to their anchor positions.

  • Slanted bounding box

    With a slanted bounding box, the cumbersome work of spacing italics is finally simplified.

  • Measurement Tool

    The Measurement Tool gives you total access to your outlines’ most important information: the distance between nodes and the arrangement of outlines in Multiple Master fonts.

Scripting Tools

  • Scripting Tools
  • Open architecture

    Extend Glyphs’ core features by building your own tools, filters, or panel and file format plug-ins using Python or Cocoa. Glyphs also recognizes custom file formats through plug-ins.

  • Python-friendly

    Want to automate the routine processes of font production? Just write your own Python script or install scripts that already exist.